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Using Google Slides or Powerpoint to create amazing itineraries

After your webpage, the next likely interaction your customer will have with your brand's image is when they receive their rough draft itinerary. Planners can use expensive (but well made) software like Travelfy, you can create something in your CRM Traveljoy, you can use simple email or word docs. Over the years at Jess.Travel we've used them all. But what I find to be the best solution that looks great and is very easy to use is Google Slides.

Google Slides is just Google's version of Microsoft's Powerpoint or Apple's Keynote - it's just presentation software. Essentially, when you are creating a rough draft itinerary for a client. It's basically a sales pitch. You're saying, "Here's what I propose for you." So, this type of software is a natural fit. Plus, it's easily shareable via a link or PDF download in an email.

I suggest creating a master presentation first. Call it "SAMPLE" and use one of Google's Templates to start. I recommend using a template that uses less words and more pictures. It's very easy to swap out the pictures, and add your own customization. Then, whenever you have a new client, duplicate that SAMPLE presentation and name it "Smith London trip" or whatever. Now, you're free to customize it for the client.

In the presentation, you should make it fun, and present the info visually. Jess tends to break hers up by day. So, you might have a slide or two with info for each travel day with lodging, activity or restaurant options. Be sure to link to those activities, so the client can get more information about them.

Make sure the final slide contains your info and a call to action. Share the proposal with your client via email with a link or download the PDF. You'll want to hop on a call to discuss it with the client and make final changes.

For a thorough look at Google Slides click below.


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