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Celebrate your love story on a custom romantic getaway planned by Jess

Fall Deeper in Love, Far from the Crowds: An Intimate Retreat to Strengthen Your Bond

A romantic getaway is the perfect opportunity to escape the daily routine and spend quality time with your significant other. Imagine staying in a cozy cottage surrounded by picturesque landscapes, sipping wine while watching the sunset, and indulging in couples' massages and fine dining. With no distractions and just each other's company, you can rekindle the romance and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Whether it's a beach vacation, a mountain retreat, or a city escape, a romantic getaway is the ultimate way to celebrate love and make it even stronger.

Peruse below to narrow down some ideas.

I picked         ! What's next?

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Hawaiian Trip planner

1. Interview

Hawaii Travel planner

2. Research

Private Hawaii itinerary

3. Book

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4. Enjoy

I figure out what makes the perfect trip for you and your entourage.

I'll put together a custom travel plan keeping everyone in mind.

This is where you give the thumbs up and get excited. 

Just show up with your personal travel itinerary on your phone.

Other Trip Styles

Check out our main Jess.Travel Site for custom travel itineraries created for any destination.

How much is a couples trip planner?

Jess Personal Travel Planning Fee

(per travel day planned)

Anyone can book a tour, pick a hotel, and read the list of "must do's."  But, the unique travel experiences of walking to dinner on a beach, sharing a picnic of amazing food at an awesome overlook, or sipping coffee poolside with every member considered, require foresight and attention to detail.


A #travellikeJess wellness vacation itinerary includes:

  • Custom itinerary planning

  • Curating memorable travel experiences

  • Lodging options, including Airbnb/VRBO

  • Transportation booking

  • Restaurant reservations

  • Spa Reservations/Couple Massages

  • Activity Reservations

  • Romantic Excursion planning

  • Adults only Cruise Planning

  • Travel Insurance offering

  • Dietary restrictions, disabilities & pets taken care of

  • App Download and PDF viewable custom trip plan

  • Detail to flow, no one in your party will be bored nor tired

will help you get your groove on

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jess virgin cruise adult vacation
Romantic Custom Vacation Planner

Vacationing with your sweetheart is the perfect way to mix things up and add some much-needed adventure to your relationship. Not to mention, it's a great excuse to escape from your everyday routine and enjoy some quality time together. Plus, you'll get to see what your partner in a swimsuit (fingers crossed, it's a good look!).

But seriously, vacationing together is a fantastic way to deepen your connection, improve communication, and create memories that'll make you smile for years to come. So pack your bags, grab your sunscreen, and get ready for a custom romantic escape with your ride or die!

Vacationing with your sweetheart isn't just about stepping out of the daily grind; it's about crafting moments that deepen your bond and spark adventure in your relationship. Imagine escaping to a place where the only agenda is enjoying each other's company, with a backdrop that's as stunning as your love story.

At Jess.Travel, we specialize in creating these bespoke romantic escapes. Whether it's a beachside retreat or a cozy mountain hideaway, we tailor every detail to your preferences, ensuring your trip is as unique as your relationship.

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Get ready for a romantic escape with your bae! Couples getaways are the ultimate way to leave the daily grind behind and enjoy some quality time together. It can be a relaxing beach vacay, a city adventure, or a scenic mountain retreat - anything to create memories that'll last a lifetime. Our travel experts will plan your perfect getaway, customizing it just for you two. No stress, no worries! They'll handle all the details so you can just relax and enjoy the trip. Whether you're looking for a peaceful holiday or an action-packed adventure, I will make sure it's a romantic vacation experience you'll never forget!


With Jess.Travel/romance, the options are endless. Picture a romantic sunset dinner on a secluded beach, or a hot air balloon ride over picturesque countryside. Maybe you’re after an intimate spa day for two, or a thrilling outdoor activity like scuba diving.


Whatever your idea of romance is, Jess.Travel can make it a reality.

Create lasting memories and reignite your love with a romantic getaway, expertly planned by me. So what are you waiting for? 

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