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A custom travel experience by Vivien Spyra


Hello!  I’m Vivien, founder of Wonder & Wander.


With Wonder & Wander I hope to help you with your travel plans, without the stress of planning your trip.  The goal is to utilize my travel knowledge to make your travel dreams a reality. 


I have been traveling since infancy with family and friends.  And having lived in 3 countries and 8 US states I have come to love planning trips, and then realizing those plans.  Finding the hidden gems of a community whether on a road trip, weekend getaway, or exploring a new country are what makes travel fun and memorable.


With Wonder & Wander I hope to encourage you to travel like a local, learn the history, experience the culture, marvel at the architecture, enjoy the cuisine and shop the artisans of your destination. 


Friends and colleagues have requested help with their travel plans, because my “trips always look so amazing”, that I was encouraged to start Wonder & Wander.


With your input my role as a travel planner is to help you as much or as little as you want.  It’s all up to you!


Shall we wonder and wander, your way?

Vivien Spyra custom travel planner.jpeg


A personal travel planner does all the research and planning of the trip for you. I'll build a trip based on your personal preferences, family composition and special needs.


Accommodation, attractions, transportation, restaurants, and maps, are all provided. You will get a detailed file that includes all the information according to day and time. All that you need to do is sign-off and pack.


Anyone can book a hotel, but putting together a vacation takes time. The idea is to maximize your time and money instead of wasting it on an attraction you didn't know was closed or a hotel that looks beautiful only in pictures.


That's it. Just enjoy your trip. I've taken care of all the details, accessible right on your phone.

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My area of expertise.

Germany: I was born in Germany and still have lots of family there, so truly travel through Germany like a local. Germany is part of who I am and how I was raised. There are some beautiful areas of the country both landscape wise and architecturally, with a rich history. Like all countries, there is no shortage of things to see and experiences to have!

Other destination specialties:  

Europe and the United States (particularly Maine/New England, MidAtlantic, & Pacific Northwest)


We'd love to hear from you

©  Wonder & Wander - My Travel Host Agency

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