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Pricing Guidelines: Read Before Paying

  1. Modern Day Custom Travel Planner:

    • Price: $99 per "detailed" travel day.

    • Details: Each day includes up to 12 hours of planned activities. This can include full or half days.

    • Minimum Requirement: 3-day planning.

    • Recommendation: Jess.Travel suggests having us plan at least 50% of your trip for an optimal experience.​

  2. Old School Travel Agent

    • Price: Flat fee of $199.

    • Packaged Tours and Non-Custom Packages.

    • Applicable For: Packaged tours, cruises, all-inclusive resorts, and other non-custom tour packages

  3.  Zoomed Out" Rough Itinerary (Optional Add-On):

    • Price: Flat fee of $199.

    • Details: This option is ideal if you need assistance in deciding your destination or crafting the framework of your dream trip. It includes three starting options for your itinerary.

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