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 A Personal Travel Planner 


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Hello there ! My name is Alexia, but I usually just go by Lex. I am someone who loves traveling and indulging myself into different cultures; to the point that I took 3 years of Spanish, 2 years of Korean and 1 year of Chinese. 


Getting the most out of your travels is something I value a lot. Whether you’re just in need of a quiet vacation or ready to have a cultural adventure, LexVenture will plan an unforgettable experience!

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A personal travel planner does all the research and planning of the trip for you. I'll build a trip based on your personal preferences, family composition and special needs.


Accommodation, attractions, transportation, restaurants, and maps, are all provided. You will get a detailed file that includes all the information according to day and time. All that you need to do is sign-off and pack.


Anyone can book a hotel, but putting together a vacation takes time. The idea is to maximize your time and money instead of wasting it on an attraction you didn't know was closed or a hotel that looks beautiful only in pictures.


That's it. Just enjoy your trip. I've taken care of all the details, accessible right on your phone.

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My area of expertise.

The best cultural experience I ever had was when I traveled to South Korea! For a week I got to indulge myself in different types of food, museums, temples, etc., and it gave me so much more of an understanding of the people in South Korea.


I also had the chance of going to the boarder of South and North Korea called the DMZ - where I got to see one of the tunnels that was built to invade one another. It’s an experience I will forever be grateful for!


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