• Joe

Getting free Images for your website & social

It is very important you only use royalty free images on your personal travel planning website, marketing, and social media sites. Trust me, there are patent trolls out there that reverse image search for trademarked pics, who will then demand compensation. The good news is there's a bunch of great totally free choices.

  1. Pixabay - This is always my goto site. There's tons of pics and you can use them commercially without attribution. This one is huge, and tried and true.

  2. Unsplash - This one is getting really popular. Same situation as Pixabay.

  3. Wikimedia Commons - This is the image search engine of Wikipedia. The images here are free, but often times not very exciting. However, sometimes you can find a gem of a hard to find pic. Some pics will require attribution. So, check the info. Come here last.

  4. Canva - If you are using Canva to make great social media posts, then you have access to their giant free photo bank. Canva costs $9.99 a month, but is a great resource for making appealing posts. You can sign up. for one month and then download like a fiend if you want.

  5. Pexels - This is a great looking site that sorts collections, and has some really nice stuff on it. It's totally royalty free without attribution. This one has great video on it as well.

  6. Wix - If you've used Wix for your website creation, their royalty free media library is really solid. Most of the time I don't even need to get pics elsewhere, they're already there.

The Thumbnail photo for this article I got from Wix, 'cause it's just so easy.