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If you've decided to book air for your clients, you can choose to charge a per ticket service fee or you can use an air consolidator like these sites. Consolidators buy up bulk tickets from airlines and market them to agents. Often times these are good deals, and as an agent you can markup the price to include a commission. Most of the time this is around 3.5%, but it's flexible. Many times, even with your markup it'll be cheaper than what the client can get themselves. The client will not see the markup on their final bill. 


Air by Pleasant is the Air Consolidation Division of Pleasant Holidays. 

Why book with Air by Pleasant?

Low, low fares for over 20 years. Travel In Style - First, Business, Premium Economy or Economy.
Huge Discounts on First & Business Class fares.
Mileage accruals on major airlines. Choose from 80 Airlines serving over a 1000 destinations. Maximize your commission with net fares. Commission offered on select published fares.[link]

Register: Contact Jess.Travel Staff

Commission: Flex Markup %, typically. 3.5%


Sky Bird Travel & Tours is the nation’s leading airline consolidator, connecting travel agents with the lowest net fares provided by our many airline partners. When you register, you’ll discover the many advantages of using Sky Bird as your airline consolidator.


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Commission: Flex Markup  %, typically. 3.5%


Centrav is a travel company focused on providing travel agents access to book airline tickets for their customers 24/7. From simple domestic tickets to complex international itineraries, searches multiple private fare types as well as published airfares to bring you the best prices and flight options the industry has to offer. [link]

Register: Self Register

Commission: Flex Markup %, typically. 3.5%


[hotel/vacation rentals][easy]

Expedia TAAP can book air as well. It's an easy way to research routes.  There is no commission. So, you will need to charge a service fee.  


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Commission: 0%



This is Delta's own vacation planner portal. You can book flights, hotels, and tours for destinations all over the world. Customers can pay with their points for travel as well using this method.


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Commission: International air (including Hawaii) 5%, Domestic air 3%, Land is at 10%


[Caribbean, Europe, America]

Hotels, Flights, rental cars. 


Register: Self register

Commission: 10% hotel, 3% air.


[high commission]

You can access them via VAX. 

They partner with Southwest airlines and offer based on the cities that Southwest flies, including Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. 

They offer commission on their flights also. Plus, they offer no change fees on all packages. 

Destinations include USA, Caribbean, Hawaii, Central America, and Mexico. 


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Commission: 13-15%



Allegiant is a very low cost airline with odd airport locations, but sometimes going through those airports and driving is better than going to the major airport. I wouldn't put a luxury client on this airline. Budget travelers won't mind it. 


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Commission: 7% on Hotel/Air and Car/Air packages.

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